Emotional Eating to Effortless Eating webinar!

I did my first Webinar this week and here it is finally!

Grab a cuppa if you have time for a relaxing watch or pop me on the counter as you bustle in the kitchen, office or living room. I'm happy to chat everywhere!

Get the low down on why you are wired to enjoy all the beautiful things food has to offer and why it makes sense that the painful lack of  enjoyment, combined with deprivation that is a fundamental part of dieting, is sabotaging you on our personal road to optimum health!

At the end of the webinar I talk about a delicious new option for working with me. With all my little technical hiccups I'm extending the earlybird date for signing up to the group online course to the 29th June 2016 for anyone wanting to jump on board. Magic!

I also made a boo boo for the link to the program on the webinar slide ...(Ho hum technical and human error!) but here it is the correct link to find out more.

The 6 week Group Online Program link!



Would love to hear your thoughts so feel free to comment.

Whats your biggest challenge around emotional eating and making health and happiness a habit?

Abby xx


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