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Do you know what you should be eating but for some reason you are just not doing it?

I'm a laughter-loving, cupcake-twirling health coach and I work with amazing women who are ready to be free from emotional eating. I help them communicate with their bodies to find balance and have fun while making health and happiness a habit.

It turns out that sometimes you just cannot get a gluten free, sugar free, wheat free, dairy free, non GMO cupcake with an organic cherry on top for love nor money……And that’s OK!

In a Nourishing Nutshell, I believe in your ability ……

  • To be in charge of how you eat.
  • To be free from guilt, shame and self-deprecation.
  • To laugh more.
  • To live a life you love.
  • To live in a body that you enjoy
  • To make choices that serve your goals
  • To nourish the world around you through your energy, generosity and sense of humour.
  • To achieve a happy work life balance.

What do you believe?

If you believe you should have ….

  • Freedom around food?
  • Freedom from feelings of guilt and failure around food
  • A life of love, laughter. travel and adventure
  • Work that you love
  • A strong healthy body

Then what are we waiting for?

I work with women who are tired of feeling uncomfortable and unhealthy in their own skin. Women who are tired of food cravings, yoyo-dieting, binge-eating and mood swings. Women who are totally amazing, yet consumed with feelings of failure, shame, guilt and inadequacy. Women who, sadly, feel hopeless and helpless around their eating behaviours.

Why on earth should you listen to me?

Because Lovely lady I have danced with that little brown devil of a drug called chocolate for most of my life! And I wasn’t a prude….I danced with all the sweet, fatty, salty treats. I was a craving, bingeing, naughty food tart!

It what only after applying what I learned in my Culture and Communication Degree to communicating with my own body, that my reasons for regularly inhaling a family block of chocolate and barel even tasting it became clear. It was never about the food....It was about what I was feeling.

Here is a bit of my own story

At first glance …my life has been charmed….no reason to binge in wanton abandon. I had the most amazing childhood, not dissimilar to The Walton’s. I was engulfed in love, laughter and support but with less mountains, siblings and good nights.  

I never thought for one minute that when I grew up I wouldn’t be a superstar at something…. a famous actress, a celebrity chef, a brain surgeon, an author, a poet, a tennis player….the world was my oyster.

My Mum told me so!

But even in my perfect childhood with no real traumas (bar the realization I was never going to be a ballerina),  I also discovered that I suffered from paralysing perfectionism, anxiety and a painful people pleasing addiction.

I learned to use food to…

  • Fight boredom
  • Procrastinate (oh boy can I procrastinate...Any cupcakes need consuming?)
  • Make the car trips fun.
  • Hide guilt and shame
  • Soothe anxiety
  • Numb fear
  • Show love
  • Share celebrations
  • Share commiserations

Everyday diet after diet I felt...

  • Weak
  • Tired and anxious
  • Stressed
  • Deprived
  • Guilty
  • Ashamed
  • A failure
  • Fat and Ugly

This isn't even a complete list. I had little habits and feelings that were nothing to do with physical hunger that made me reach for food just about every waking minute of the day!

I had dieted on and off all of my life. I was clearly never going to be the willowy goddess I yearned to be.  The legs of Elle McPherson were never going to be mine. Could I learn to relax and deal with that?

I was working in a mining job and let me tell you, night-shift plays havoc with the body and your waistline.  I was drowning under the ever present anxiety that had plagued my whole life.

Despite my best efforts at dieting, I felt that I was slowly turning into a sad, anxious, people pleasing Oompa Loompa. (albeit with no show tunes, less perkiness and less orange skin.)

 “I was"alive" but I was certainly not living !

What had happened to my superstardom? Surely there was more to life than diets, self -hate, boring chores and guilt riddled, wrapper hiding, waist expanding chocolate?

The turning point came when my Mum came for a visit from the UK and she said ….

”I have never seen you trying so hard to be happy.”

It was that simple.

She was so right.

And so I began my journey of communication with myself to be free of mindless eating and restrictive diets.

To take back my life!!

I knew diets didn’t work for me because I had already done them all.

Let’s see. There was….

  • The eat fewer carbs more protein diet
  • The eat less protein more carbs diet
  • The only eat food that appears at the door on a Friday diet
  • The count calories, count points, count crunches, count cookies diet
  • The balance blueberries on your head whilst doing a downward dog and chanting the Lords Prayer diet

Oh and my personal favourite.

"It's a simple case of calories in and calories out"

Not in my world mate!!

If only it were that simple!

These diets all worked for a while. Of course they did, I was starving myself to thinness. But for how long? Well for about as long as my willpower would hold out, usually about two weeks until the tempting waft of the Curly Wurly from the confectionery isle would once again prove too much.

I became soooo sick and tired of feeling guilty and anxious…all…the…time!

None of these diets were the reason why I was eating food that i didn't need in the first place.

I just wanted to eat well, enjoy food for my mind and body. I wanted to share my life with great people, love my job, laugh, travel and make money.  Was that really too much to ask?

I discovered a passion for all things connected with health and wellness….such a twee term…it’s being used everywhere…… but hey, it is what it is.

I couldn’t get enough information. I couldn’t do enough research about how to feed my body and mind with all the good stuff.  Suddenly my undergraduate degree in Communication Studies was the most perfect degree I could have done. It became about so much more than food and weight.  It became about body communication and the psychology of eating.

The real turning point was learning why I ate.

Mindful eating and fun changed everything.

I needed more so I studied and became a certified Health Coaching through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. I learned a lot from books, people and trial and error. I learned about being kinder to myself and the process of changing one habit at a time.

Today I continue to learn and I hope the learning will never end.

What I learned? It's never about the food!!

With my learnings and experience, I did lose weight...but that didn't turn out to be the best bit. the best part was.... i gained my life back!

  • I feel confident
  • I feel beautiful
  • I feel loved
  • I feel transformed
  • I feel motivated
  • I feel free
  • I feel like me!

So what is The Nourishing Nut!

Well, it’s me….I am The Nut!

My Work

If you think you have tried it all fear not my friend. There is a whole approach out there that does not involve the word Diet!

If you're ready - and I mean truly ready -  to make the changes required to live the life you deserve, then take charge, jump in, stop dancing with the food devils.

Let’s work together to get you there!

Stop just existing from one diet to the next when they're clearly no working for you.  Start making health and happiness a habit.

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