But if I stop dieting, it means I’ve given up?

I’ve spent a lifetime dieting. I dieted for so blooming long in fact that I couldn’t really tell you when it started. Somewhere between my first perceived failure and the fridge maybe??

Finally, 20 years later I thought…."Come on Abby, smell the sugar sprinkles.....this just isn’t working for you Poppet."

However this epiphany was closely chased across the pantry by…..

If I stop dieting, then it means I’m giving up.  



Heck no.

Giving up on what exactly?

Giving up on the never ending quest to resist that pink frosted cup cake or salty hot chips? Giving up on obsessing about what you can and can’t eat or what is “good’ or “bad”. Giving up on the feeling of shame when you “fall off the wagon”…yet again?

What is it that you hope dieting down to the perfect body will bring you?

Most of my clients when we start working together say that they hope to feel happier, more confident, less stressed about food, less stressed about how they look. They talk about how everything is going to be better once they get “there”.

Did you ever get “there”? Did you ever get to the magical number on the scale? Did you completely accept your body then?

Did you feel less stressed when you finished your last diet? Or did you gradually start stressing about how you would maintain? Did you feel happier, or did that happy feeling kinda wain when the compliments like “You look great” after losing weight and “How did you do it” ….stopped. Did the confidence wain a bit with it?

How exactly does “there” feel?

Did you get to stop weighing? Did you get to stop worrying about each kilo that crept back on? Did you get to start enjoying foods and social events? Did you stop saying that “you feel fat” even though weeks before being the weight you are now seemed like a dream? Did you enjoy “bad” foods or still feel shame and guilt around them? Did you put the weight back on?

Well if quitting the old diet path means I get to give up all that……angst…. then bring it on I say!

What can I do then?

When you choose to nourish your body from a place of love, when you decide to nurture it to its happy place and optimum weight that's perfectly you, the mindset and experience is very different from wanting to change your body because for whatever reason it feels not good enough as it is.

Stopping dieting was the best thing I ever did…..far from giving up.  It released so much head space that was filled with food drama in the shape of pink frosted, shame and frustration.

Coming from a warm cuddly space of Self-Love helps you to:

  • Work through the reasons you sabotage.
  • Learn with curiosity not judgment.
  • Learn to connect and communicate with your body around hunger, taste and satisfaction level. Yummmmm!
  • Learn what foods make your mind and body FEEL good rather than letting how you FEEL be controlled by numbers on scales and clothing tags.
  • Love every day because you are already "there" living a great life!
  • Learn where the thoughts in your head have come from around food and body image.
  • Find your bodies happy place where it is nourished, vibrant and free!

Ahhhh finally you can breath.

Loving yourself to health is far from giving up Lovely Lady.

It’s what you have always been waiting for!!

How do you feel about dieting. Does giving it up feel like you....giving up?? I'd love to know how the idea of stopping dieting makes YOU feel ?

Abby xx












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