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"Abby has been working as a consultant with us at PREMAH for the last year and we have been delighted with her professionalism, her knowledge and her ability to bring humour and joy to our workshops.  She is like a breath of fresh air bringing a holistic and well balanced view to all of her workshop topics.  I would not hesitate to recommend her for any organisation looking for a motivational, fun speaker who inspires people to be free of emotional eating and strive for a better life through improved health and wellness."

- Debra Bowling,  Pinjarra WA

"Abby, I really enjoyed our coaching sessions together, your energy, guidance and enthusiasm are fantastic! I like the way your program encompasses working towards changing all aspects of my lifestyle and didn’t just concentrate on diet and exercise. I found a whole new lifestyle change and can now see that freedom is possible from emotional eating.  Looking at all areas of my life is something I haven't noticed with other programs or diets. It really makes sense now to include all the aspects of your life collectively when working towards a whole, new, positive lifestyle goal. I will remember your great tips and ideas and I will be using them whilst I continue on my wonderful journey to health and happiness!


- Deb Lewin, Mandurah WA

"Abby has opened my eyes to how my whole existence is connected and as one. I love her wonderful witty sense of humour combined with innate wisdom.  Her clarity, and her own unique way of delivering the message were just the motivation I needed to really start to balance out my life and propel me forward towards the life experience that I deserve."

- Sharon Van Bavel , Bunbury WA

"Abby, I am so happy that I had the chance to work with you.  You have helped me understand what my motivations for eating were and the tools to help me create new habits. No diets have ever helped me through the reason ‘why” I eat. Thanks for making healthy eating fun instead of a chore."

- Joanna Cook, Kulin WA


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