What’s your Inner Critic called?

We all have them.....those little voices in our head that whisper fearful thoughts and steal away confidence.

Come on fess up...you have them too.

As so often happens with things we dont quite understand we tend to label these voices something "bad" , we try to push them away with positive affirmations and willpower.

But lets stop for a mo and think about what those voices are actually there for?

In most cases they are there to try and protect us from fear or pain. They want us to avoid danger.....not just the physical "if you abseil off that mountain you might fall 100 meters and crash into a million pieces on the rocks below" kind of fear but also emotional fear.

They try to stop us from the pain of failure, or looking a fool in front of others, the uncomfortable pain of loneliness, grief, sadness and a myriad of other emotions.

In this weeks interview I am chatting with the delicious and insightful Amy Madden an Inner Critic Specialist. We thought we would chew the cud how instead of fighting these voices, we might benefit more on our healing path by befriending them.


Find out more in this weeks Nourishing Nugget.

Lots to think about in there.

You can find more about Amy at www.amymadden.space and www.facebook.com/amymaddengroup


Now its your turn

What little pearls of fear are your Little Inner Critics coming up to the front of the bus with??

Its challenging but rewarding on an emotional eating level to not fight these little guys and really take a look at what they are trying to protect you from. Is it a legitimate fear or is it something from the past that is no longer relevant.

Would love you to share your insights.

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts.....gotta love tips Tuesday!

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