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Are you ready to try a completely new way of eating for both fuel and fun without all the life-sucking guilt?

I'm a qualified health Coach with a degree in Communication Studies and I work with amazing women who are ready to be free from emotional eating. I help you communicate with your body to find balance while having fun making health and happiness a habit.

I work with women who are tired of feeling unhealthy and uncomfortable in their skin. Women who are tired of food cravings, yoyo-dieting, binge-eating and mood swings. Women who are totally amazing yet consumed with feelings of failure, shame, guilt and inadequacy. Women who, sadly, feel hopeless and helpless around their eating behaviours.

Can you choccy cake relate?

Have you any idea how so not alone you are?  There is a Nourishing New Leaf program for every stage you may find yourself on your journey towards health and happiness.

Let's look at some of the ways we can work together so that you can take charge of your eating.

A New Leaf

The New Leaf Package

The perfect way to get some individual clarity around your personal cravings. Plus learn about mindful eating and the many options you have as you begin to move forward in your health plan.

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New Leaves Bundle

The Three Leaf Bundle

One session is not enough to cover it all. This introductory 3 session bundle can give us the time to dig a little deeper into the how’s and why’s of your emotional eating habits. We will also work on your health goals and create an action plan of how to start achieving them.

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A New Leaf of Life

New Leaf Of Life - 4 Month Program

Are you ready to live and laugh more and stop being held hostage by guilt and cupcakes?  This four month personalised course gives you time to be fully supported and nourished as you begin to implement strategies that  heal your relationship with both your food and body. Let’s start making health and happiness a habit for you today!

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Food Freedom Discovery Call

Your Food Freedom Discovery call is a free and a relaxed way for you to find out if you are ready for the next nourishing new leaf part of your life!

Book now  for a no obligation virtual coffee date to find out more about freedom from your cupcake, Cadbury and sugary shackles.!

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Health and Happiness Breakout Session with Abby